Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to work

Well today I ventured in to work for the first time in almost 14 months.  Totally didn't recognize anyone there anymore, so many changes, the building is totally renovated...a new beginning everywhere I guess.

Anyway, food wise was great today:

Breakfast: Yogurt Liberte fat free mocha, w/ kashi granola

Snack 1/2 larabar

Lunch :Rice and Beans

Snack: fresh green beans and carrots

Supper: slow cooker prime rib, potatoes, carrots

Snack :) 18 pretzel twist and a pepsi


Not horrible at all, didn't do any activity I am worn out after my first day back.  Tomorrow though.  They are calling for a nasty storm here tonight, so maybe no work tomorrow :) that would be funny, second day back and the office is closed.  Not complaining though.




  1. Oh Sarah, that's tough getting back in the swing of things where everything's changed so much since you had your baby. You're food soudns great! I love the mocha flavour the best :-)