Friday, January 23, 2009

Bad Bad Bad.....

I broke today, I had the worst thing you can ever eat in general.  KFC. I feel so guilty, I just couldn't resist.  I am an emotional eater, and this has been a rough week, 2 sick kids, still not feeling excellent myself and DH was in TO.  I was up at 5am each morning on the road to drop the kids off by 6:30.  Each night this week the girls were rough, they were crying all the time because they just didn't feel good.  I am exhausted.  DH came home from TO tonight and on the way home from the airport he brought home the dreadful KFC.  It wasn't even that good.  I am feeling so bad about it.  I have learnt my more crap.  I bet the scale will reflect bad for me on Monday.


  1. So whose butt do I kick? Your DH for bringing it home or you? I think I'll start with DH.

    I'm just playing with you.

    But next time, allow yourself smaller portions so as not to feel guilty. That's what I do. I LOVE fried chicken, but I'll only allow myself a very little bit of the crust. Then, I strip it and the skin off and just eat the chicken. Same goes with mashed potatoes. I LOVE 'em, but will just eat only 1/2 cup serving.

    Now, do 50 crunches today and don't think another thing of it. Okay? :)

  2. What is done s done and cannot be changed- just consider this day One again and move on.

  3. That food is eaten and done with. You feel guilty, which is sad somewhat, but you can't change you can only learn from it. What you learned is, you ate it and didn't really enjoy it and you feel terribly emotionally afterwards! Hmmmmm

    Forgive yourself and move forward.

  4. Don't beat yourself up to bad. You had it, you did not like it that much, now just keep on track.
    Sorry to hear everyone is feeling yucky... I hate this time of year everyone is so sick.

    To answer your question on my blog. I got the almonds for salads at Sobeys.
    I normally shop at Superstore but Saturday I decided to head into Sobeys for a change. I do that every once in a while and it helps to find new food items.

  5. No need to kick yourself over a little (or a lot) of KFC. Just make sure you keep on keepin' on. We all fall ff the wagon once in a while. The important thing is to not get discouraged. YOU CAN DO THIS!