Monday, January 5, 2009

Holidays finally caught up with me

Using the WII fit as my new scale which is great.  It tracks everything my BMI and everything, it is great.  But what is showed me tonight wasn't





But food was great today. 

Breakfast: Banana and a whole wheat english muffin with a smidge of homeade strawberry jam made with splenda

Snack: Coffee w/ pinch of sugar and milk, Coconut Cocoa larabar

Lunch: 1 slice of pizza hut pizza, HUGE garden salad w/ a few croutons and bacon bits, no dressing and a little bite of DH's slice of dessert pizza

Supper: Big bowl of Veggie Soup it was great.  Added potatoes and some other veggies.

Did 35 mins on the wii fit...LOVING IT!! 


  1. Love the Wii. You almost need to stretch and warm up before turning it on, though!
    Keep it up!